Data Compass is a versatile and efficient data recovery tool designed to speed up the logical and physical recovery and imaging process.

  • Partition Loss

  • File Corruption Virus Attack

  • Accidental Disk Format

  • File Deletion

Firmware Corruption

Undetected by BIOS or OS

Single Head Damage

Read Instability after Head Swap

Physical Damage on Sectors Clicking

Support Seagate/Western Digital/Samsung/Maxtor/

  • Printed circuit board (PCB) diagnostics
  • Head diagnostics and head map configuration
  • System area structure analysis, full read/write access and modules regeneration
  • "One-Click" auto firmware repair for most common firmware failures
  • User data area diagnostics and real-time pre-view in HEX
  • Firmware hex editing and modules database
  • ROM read/write access and automatic structure analysis and restoration
  • Hot-swap utilities
  • View and edit HDD password
  • Self-scan repair procedures


SalvationDATA HD Doctor Suite is a professional HDD diagnosis and repair tool and provides an integrated hardware-software solution to firmware failures.

Flash Data
Recovery Doctor

Flash Data Recovery Doctor is a professional tool for recovering data from damaged flash devices (both physical and logical problems).

  • Logical problems, such as file system damaged and file deleted.

  • Bad blocks in flash chip; in such case, the flash device can be detected in your system but isn’t working properly or its status is unstable.

  • Device can’t be detected in your system at all.

  • The flash device can be detected and accessed smoothly, but all data read out is meaningless.